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Amazon Drive icon Amazon Drive is the Android application that you need to access the contents in your Amazon Drive.

Amazon is one of the big companies out there that provide online storage and backup, and, of course, users need an application to connect to the servers. For Android systems, this app is called Amazon Drive, but that shouldn’t really be a surprise.

With the help of the Amazon Drive app, you can access all the documents, music, photos and videos, and other types files that you are storing on Amazon’s servers. This service can be used both as storage and as a backup system for your Android system. If you happen to lose the mobile device or it gets stolen, you’ll still have all of your data safe and secure.

Furthermore, the contents of Amazon Drive are available on all available platforms, not just on Android.

  For more information on downloading Amazon Drive to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • Keep your files secure on Amazon Drive
  • Automatically backup files on Amazon Driver from your phone or tablet

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