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Amazon Alexa icon Amazon Alexa is an assistant app that connects users to Amazon-owned hardware.

All the major operating systems now have some sort of an assistant. Android has Google Assistant, iOS has Siri, and Windows has Cortana. These are not the only assistants out there and Android has quite a few. Amazon Alexa is one of those assistants.

Alexa can be utilized in a number of ways that vary from one user to another, ranging from setup and remote control, to more complex tasks, such as providing weather, playing music, answer questions, make appointments, and much more.

Since Alexa lives in the cloud, it’s always learning from the users. This means that the more your use Alexa for your daily routines, the better it will become.

  For more information on downloading Amazon Alexa to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • Use Alexa as your personal assistant
  • Replace Google assistant with the one from Amazon
  • Make appointments or just play music, it’s your choice

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Amazon Alexa 2.2.238859.0 Beta + 35 more available
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