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Astronomy Picture of the Day icon Display NASA's "Astronomy Picture of the Day" by turning to this Yahoo! widget that requires the Yahoo! Widget engine to be installed

Working for a long time on your computer can bring a lot of stress into your life, even though it might seem like an easy, comfortable activity and taking a break is many times not an available option for most PC users.

However, despite the fact that nothing beats a good old break from staring intensely at your monitor, there are a lot of ways that you can customize your workspace so it doesn't feel so hostile every time you turn it on. Astronomy Picture of the Day is one of them.

Displays astronomy pictures

Granted, this tool might not be suitable for just about anyone, especially if you're not an astronomy enthusiast or don't enjoy a marvelous display of galaxies, stars and planets every now and then.

This utility is actually a widget that displays the current "Astronomy Picture of the Day" from NASA's website and upon hovering your cursor over the image provides you with a brief explanation in a tooltip. Note that it requires the Yahoo! Widget Engine in order to function properly on the target computer.

Quick access to further explanation

If you are among the Astronomy enthusiasts mentioned above, you can access even more information on the picture you're currently viewing by simply clicking it.

Doing so lets you access NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day page on their website, where the picture will be displayed in full-size and a more comprehensive explanation regarding the picture is provided to you.

Nice widget for Astronomy fans

All in all, if you're in the mood of seeing new pictures of galaxies, stars, planets and other celestial bodies on your desktop every day, you might want to give Astronomy Picture of the Day a try. It can be easily deployed on your PC, but not before installing Yahoo! Widget Engine, which is a required component.

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Astronomy Picture of the Day was reviewed by Vlad Constantinescu

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

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