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Mouse Monitor icon View mouse usage statistics, such as the number of left and right clicks, as well as distance traveled, thanks to this simple desktop widget

Mouse Monitor is a Windows gadget that enables you to view real time information about your mouse activity. You can use this tool if you are curious to know how many times you click items with your mouse in a certain time interval.

View related movement info in plain sight

The gadget is an information tool that can be useful for counting your clicks while you perform certain actions. It can separately display the number of left and right clicks as well as the distance traveled by the mouse cursor.

The speed of the mouse cursor is displayed in meters per hour and you can view both the current value and the maximum value for the current session. The counter can be reset manually or automatically at the computer shutdown.

You have access to multiple customization options in order to match the gadget to your desktop background or color scheme. You can hide certain elements, such as the title and change the colors of every text element from the interface.

Move the gadget to a suitable position and tweak aesthetics

This tool can be placed on any part of your desktop and displayed on top of other windows if you want to view the mouse statistics anytime. You can personalize the aspect of the app by replacing the generic mouse icon with your own image.

The counter can be used for comparing the statistics of multiple activities or time intervals. However, the gadget does not include the option to save the statistics when you reset the counter. You need to write down the values for every time interval.

To end with

If you want to view the usage statistics for your mouse, the Mouse Monitor is the tool for the job. It is both accurate and lightweight which makes it the perfect choice for your desktop.

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Mouse Monitor was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala

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